Syllabus of combined examination

Written Test for State Level Posts:

1. Development, participatory development, sustainable development, Role of International Development Institutions Participatory Rural Appraisal,
    Result based management, community mobilization, social inclusion.
2. Financial inclusion, microfinance, concept of SHG, Indian financial system, Development Banking.
3. Legal Framework for MFIs.
4. Training and development, Training Need Analysis. Training Design, principles of adult learning, methods of training.
5. Models of monitoring and evaluation, participatory monitoring and evaluation,Motivation, entrepreneurship, Life skills, organization development, Millennium Development Goals.
6. Sustainable Development Goals,Livelihoods, farm and non-farm livelihoods, migration, child labour, sustainable livelihood.
7. Social inclusion, affirmative action, gender equity, social and gender discrimination, theories of development, empowerment of women, alternative approaches women in Development(WID),
  women and development (WAD), gender and development (GAD) self-help groups, women and leadership, Panchayati Raj and participation of women in politics, NGO and women development.
8. Gender budgeting.
9. Information Technology: Role, relevance and its scope in rural Development. E-governance and rural development.
10. Civil Society and Development, Role and relevance of NGOs in Development.
Note: 1. Questions will be in English as well as in Hindi. Answers may be given in either language.
           2. There will be 4 questions of 25 marks each. Time allowed will be 2 hours.

District-level, Block-level and Young Professionals Posts:

1. The test will comprise of 60 objective-questions (total marks 60).
2. containing questions on general knowledge, current affairs, arithmetic as well as logical reasoning and English and Hindi grammar
3. There will be no negative marking.
Note: Questions will be in English as well as in Hindi. Answers may be given in either language.